From the Steppes of Anatolia To the World of Global Law

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From the Steppes of Anatolia… To the World of Global Law

The first phase of my autobiography entitled “From the Steppes of Anatolia… To the World of Global Law” is a journey to my soul, written as an intimate conversation between friends. I explain the limitations I faced as a small boy weeding and herding donkeys and goats under the burning sun of the Moorland, and the struggle to turn my dreams into reality. I am very principled and hold strong values and I transformed my life through hard work. I share my story to hopefully serve as an example and inspiration to others.

“From the Steppes of Anatolia to the World of Global Law” uses literary flare as it relates a true story, one that is embedded in traditions and a rapidly disappearing way of rural life. Setting off from his childhood days when he herded goats and donkeys, and following him as he advanced into a role as an internationally recognized lawyer and the proprietor of one of Turkey’s leading law firms, Mehmet Gün provides his readers with both an extraordinary tale of his personal story of determination in the face of a myriad of obstacles and setbacks, and an inside look into Turkey’s unique judicial system. He addresses his readers with a frank and flowing style, and sometimes with a sharp tongue, as he courageously lays bare both the strong and weak aspects of Turkey’s provision of justice. 

Prof. Dr. Köksal Bayraktar: “A warrior of the Turkish judicial system breaks his silence through the pages of this book.”

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Ülgen: “Mehmet Gün’s heartfelt accounting of his life and his experiences represent a mirror for those, who like the author, started out in life outside the circles of prestige and education. His compilation of concrete examples also serves as a guide for young lawyers who are trying to find their ways within the maze of justice provisions.”